"A notice of opposition to registration has been filed with respect to the application listed above. The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) has issued a notice of institution order, which designates a time within which an answer must be filed, as well as discovery and trial dates. To see the order and the notice of opposition, click on the links below or paste the URLs into the address box of your browser."

There are few things worse than receiving an email that a Notice of Opposition was filed against your client's trademark application. You waited patiently for 3-4 months for the Examiner's review, resolved the Office Actions, and all that was (supposed to be!) left was the 30-day publication period...then boom. Everything is stalled.  Or maybe your client is the one who notices an application that is likely to cause confusionWould you know what to do? What are the next steps after the initial filings? How do you handle discovery?

Or maybe you're thinking...

"Pleadings and motions are all fine and dandy...but I just want to get the whole thing over with! How do I negotiate settlement?" 

"That workbook was a LOT of should I best use/organize it to maximize my purchase?"

"My client is being opposed by a large company/Goliath type of do I defend a small business against that level of corporate bullying?"

"What if I just have one or two TTAB proceedings I'm currently working on? I would love some help on how to handle them!" 

If you've never dealt with TTAB proceedings before or simply want to ensure you learn these filings correctly, TTABulous is just for you!


Sonia is the owner of Lakhany Law, PC, an award-winning bicoastal trademark law firm and is known on Instagram as @trademarklawyerlady. She has been featured multiple times in Bloomberg as well as in Entrepreneur Magazine, Business News Daily, CBS, USA Today, and other notable publications. In addition to her law practice, Sonia teaches courses to other attorneys on practicing trademark law and legal marketing.

To learn more about Sonia, visit her website here.


Erik is a former USPTO trademark examiner and owner of Erik M. Pelton and Associates, PLLC. He has filed thousands of office action responses over his 19 years in private practice and obtained over 2,500 trademark registrations for his clients.  In addition to his law practice, Erik has mentored and trained dozens of interns and associates and is the host of the “Tricks of the Trade(mark)” podcast.

To learn more about Erik, visit his website here.
  •  How long are the classes? Part 1 is over 2.5 hours and Part 2 is also over 2.5 hours!
  •  What if I don't want the workbook? You can buy just the class video (Part I, Part II, or both), or just the workbook. Scroll down and click Purchase to see options.
  •  How long do I have access to the materials? Forever. They are your's to keep for lifetime access!
TTABulous Part I
I. Overview
What is the TTAB? 
How do the proceedings work? 
When do you file which documents?
Choosing a forum: TTAB vs. District Court

II. Pleadings
III. Procedures
IV. Common motions
V. Discovery
VI. Depositions
VII. Testimony
VIII. Briefing the case
IX. Oral arguments (in person or via video)
X. Reconsideration/Appeal
XI. Settlement issues 
XII. Q&A session

TTABulous Part II
I. Q&A session
II. Review of workbook documents
How to maximize the templates
When to use certain documents

III. Handling the David v. Goliath situation
Big company versus your small client

IV. Introducing testimony
V. Writing persuasive briefs
VI. Dealing with difficult discovery Issues
VII. Settlement discussions/Negotiations
VIII. Q&A session
Pleadings (Opposition; Cancellation; Answers; Counterclaims)
Initial disclosures
Motion to compel
Motion for sanctions
Sample discovery requests (ROGS; RFP; RFA; Subpoena decus tecum / exhibit/ cover letter)
Sample letter re: discovery responses
Discovery response verification
Sample discovery responses / objections
Motion for Summary Judgment
Final Briefs
Testimony cover pages
Deposition Notices
Sample testimony affidavit
Pretrial disclosures
Request for hearing
Hearing Tips
Power of Attorney taking over a case
Withdrawal of Attorney
Consent/settlement agreements
I did not expect a 1200 page guide. You guys are TRULY amazing. I have zero qualms about giving you all of my money. :) Your classes, your guides, your quick answers on FB…all make me a better and more confident attorney. THANK YOU!!! I cannot wait for the mentoring program to begin. -Tara Murphy

I expected to receive Office Action templates and hear explanations of the templates. This class far exceeded my expectations by the detailed strategies offered to trademark practitioners, the number of templates shared, the external resources suggested, the presenters' level of expertise, and the duration of the course. Although it was advertised as a five-hour course, I doubted it would (really) last that long! It was clear that both instructors are passionate about the subject matter and helping others. Sonia is very engaging as an instructor. Her thorough explanations were transparent and helpful. I appreciated Erik's level of expertise as a former USPTO trademark examiner and his extremely detailed analyses for the Office Actions and other information he covered. -Kimra Major-Morris

Sonia and Eric's Office Action Bootcamp was awesome! I have taken several of Sonia's courses to build upon my skills and they never disappoint. As always, she delivers high quality content and valuable practice pointers that will build your confidence and make you a better trademark attorney. As an advanced practitioner, I'm looking forward to the upcoming TTAB Academy and anything else she has to offer :) -Ticora Davis

I just wanted to reach out and say thanks. I purchased your Office Action Boot Camp. You and Erik absolutely crushed it. The info was so helpful and actionable. -Joey Vitale

I expected to be taught the basics to more advance Office Action arguments and how to handle claims. The class more than met my expectations. The workbook alone was a huge help and resource. If anything, I don't think I got EVERYTHING I could out of it due to my lack of experience with Office Actions. That being said, I know it will be an invaluable tool for me to learn, grow and return to time and again. Much like a treatise. As for the instructors, I appreciate the honesty, candor and "real ness". It was nice for someone who clearly knows so much about the topic be so open and willing to share that information. -Anonymous

The course was great and came at the right time for me as I am adding more and more trademark work to my core patent practice. The material answered directly some simple practical questions I had – e.g., how to retrieve only registered live marks in a search and downloading multiple records for evidence – and also provided valuable depth to legal arguments for traversing refusals. Kudos to Sonia and Erik! -Betsy Dowd

I have been waiting for a publication that lays out effective processes for responding to trademark Office Actions. Erik’s workbook is able to clarify the arcane, and his publication can help any practitioner to analyze and present the best possible arguments to USPTO examining attorneys. -Steven Weigler 

The Office Action Boot Camp is a one of a kind class that that is a great resource for new and experienced trademark lawyers. I have purchased trademark materials from Thompson West and Lexis, and they don’t come close to this class. Rarely do solo practitioners get to learn from trademark experts, but here is your chance. The class not only provides great content about how to respond to office actions, you also learn the behind scenes tips and secrets that aren’t often in treatises and CLE’s. The information is comprehensive and a lifetime educational resource you can always refer to when you need to. I’ve already improved my performance. I learned how to structure my response, the importance content to include, and what the examining attorney and their bosses need to see to be persuaded. You also learn how to preserve the record, in case the examining attorney doesn’t agree. It doesn’t hurt that Sonia and Erik, both trademark experts, are great personalities who make the course exciting. -Tony Booker

I am about half way into the video replay and it has been excellent content so far. I can't wait to start implementing some of the strategies for responding to Office Actions containing likelihood of confusion refusals (just received one that will be a pain to address). Also, I took a quick glance of the workbook, which is also excellent. I have already decided to use a lot of the formatting, such as providing a table listing the cited registration in the text of an Office Action. Plus, I can't wait to see different substantive arguments and how to structure those substantive arguments. Thanks to you and Erik for creating and providing great content! -Xavier Hailey
Purchase of this membership does not create an attorney-client relationship nor does the information provided constitute legal advice in any capacity.
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